All About me

I am married and during the daytime I watch my son and nephew and at night I work as a medical transcriptionist. I have never been much of a doing my nails kind of girl because I would just get annoyed that I could not paint my nails very nicely and a day later the polish would chip off! Because of this I only did my nails every once in a great while for a wedding, vacation, or special occasion until a very good friend of mine introduced me to Jamberry!! I put my first set on and I fell in LOVE and could NOT stop looking at my nails! I LOVED how they looked like I had just stepped out of a nail salon and I DID THEM! And two WEEKS later my wraps were still looking AWESOME unlike the polish. Another thing I am obsessed with about Jamberry is that there is no dry time to worry about! I put them on and I'm done!! I love that if I am in a mood for something CRAZY and FUN that Jamberry has something for that and when I need something more conservative I can find that too! Jamberry has been an awesome opportunity for me to work when I have time!! I am having so much fun making new friends and helping to provide for my family while having PRETTY nails!!



Party Date
Spring FlingMay 26, 2017

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